Smart Systems Of Filtering Salt Water – Great Advice

Sea Water Treatment offshore using the Merus Ring TechnologyI’ve teamed with MatPat to see if we can take salt water from the ocean, publicize it drinkable. Have you ever wondered: Are you able to turn ocean water into something drinkable? How to make drinking water? How to filter salt water to drink? How to make sea water safe to drink? TKOR has done some random experiments in the past in this video, we’re just experimenting if it is possible to turn ocean water into something drinkable. What may happen to the salt water? What happens towards the sea filtered water? How does everything work?!?! We dive in the chemistry and science behind a brine filter. We also have some other fun tests we performed. Hopefully this gives you an idea as to what can or can’t be experimented with sea water.

This entertaining ocean water experiment is ideal for those wanting to understand if you turn regular ocean water into something drinkable. Additionally useful for any wanting to know: the right way to filter salt water, the best way to make drinking water, drinking ocean water safely, the way to filter salt water to drink, salt purification hacks, survival hacks, purifying water basics, how to make ocean water drinkable and much more!

If leaping to test something creative and entertaining or do an activity such as: science experiment, survival skills, STEM project, STEM science experiment, science fair project, science fair experiment, possibly fun weekend film to learn.

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